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Gully safety

Wherever water-polluting substances are handled or there is a risk of unintentional leakage of waste water from the sewer system, shut-off devices are needed for the retention or regulated control of discharge flows.

Our safety valves close your sewer drains at the push of a button or with a simple hand-operated lever.
In the event of an accident, this prevents environmentally hazardous substances from entering the sewer system. The contaminated water is kept back and can be conveniently pumped out (extracted).

Prevent environmental
disasters and floods

Our gully safety valves (A.S.K.) are suitable for use on industrial and commercial estates and in private and public buildings and facilities. As a protective device they prevent the unintentional ingress of hazardous substances or waste water escaping from the sewer system. It’s good to be prepared!


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In accordance with:
DIN EN 124
DIN 19583
DIN 19594

How can we help?

We recommend our manual A.S.K. to upgrade your existing sewer system. It is simple to install in just a few steps.
Needless to say, our automatic A.S.K. can also be retrofitted in an existing sewer system. Four holes and special concrete dowels are normally sufficient to fasten the gully safety valve in the sewer inlet. A sealing compound (Sikaflex) is used to make the valve impermeable to liquids. Finally, a leak test is performed.

In most cases our manual A.S.K. is suitable for existing sewer inlets. Automated and mechanical models are equally suitable for new sewer systems.
The automated A.S.K. is controlled with compressed air and via a control panel. Compressed air is supplied underground to the A.S.K. and the valve plate is opened or closed at the push of a button. When the pressure drops in the pneumatic system, the weight of the valve plate causes it to move to the closed position, securing the valve to 90%.

Thanks to the identical frames, the valve systems can be exchanged at any time. Compressed air lines must be installed if you wish to switch to an automatic valve.

  • Simple operation
  • Low maintenance
  • State-of-the-art technology in function and design
  • Can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • 20-year warranty (except wear parts)
  • DIBt-approval

Our A.S.K. help prevent environmental disasters. Contact your insurer to see if protecting your sewer system could lead to a reduction in your premium.

Our qualified specialists are available for maintenance, servicing and repair work to ensure that DIBt-compliant approval is maintained during operation and to provide the documentation required by the industrial safety ordinance (BetrSichV).

Manual A.S.K.:

  • Dirt strainer
  • Basket filter

Automatic A.S.K.:

  • Dirt strainer
  • Basket filter
  • Control cabinet with compressed air bottles and control panel  
  • Control panel in wall cabinet with glass pane and emergency hammer
  • Control panel on stand with signal lamp

In 2020 our A.S.K. received DIBt approval. Scherzer Umwelttechnik GmbH is an approved specialist according to the Federal Water Act (WHG) and is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

The A.S.K. prevents environmentally hazardous substances from entering your sewer system. Ask your insurer about reducing your insurance premium.

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